Melanie Morford, ND
Dr. Melanie Morfordhealthy living collage

Natural Health Care for the Entire Family

Welcome! I’m Dr. Melanie Morford, ND. I offer a full spectrum of naturopathic health care for people of all ages and medical conditions, with the ultimate goal of treating the underlying cause of illness, not merely the symptoms. As a primary-care physician, I strive to meet my patients in their comfort zone and help them gently ease through challenges to reach their highest health goals.

I’ve always equated the concepts of doctor and medicine with the ideas of family and community. I make it a priority to create a warm, relationship-based network of patients who feel safe and well cared for, and who know they can place their trust in me for the long-term, to help with any medical need that may arise.


Simple and Effective

When diagnosing ailments and suggesting treatment, I consider all aspects of a patient’s background and experience to better provide simple, effective and realistic options for a treatment plan that fits their lifestyle. I am passionate about naturopathic medicine and consider it a privilege to be a part of a medical approach that combines traditional healing methods with modern science and research.

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